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Sunday, November 21, 2010

A letter to a best friend

Throughout my life, I've had quite a number as best friend. In primary school, it was Florence, secondary school, it was Tania and during matriculation time, it was Fiza. But I have to choose one, no? But she's not the person that I mentioned before..heheh..so here it goes.
Dear best friend..
Thank you for being with me, standing beside me in my joyous and sad time. When I'm up, you were there. When I'm down, you were there.
Do you remember how did we meet? Back in 2006? Do you remember how you used to hang out at my place?
Do you remember how much I need you when my life was turning upside down. You are the one who help me out. Keeping it to yourself even if I never mention that you have too. Thank you so much for your understanding. Do you remember how I used to complain about my boyfriend (which is now my ex-bf). Macam kaunter servis pelanggan pulak kadamg-kadang..heheh..Until when I broke up with him (masih dalam proses) ko juak yang nya pergi cari because he knows I tell you everything, even the things that I never been able to tell him. Yes, you are more than a friend. You are my part time lover. Sometimes I miss hang out with you, sleepover at your place. But apa boleh buat, masing-masing busy, if ada free time, masing-masing pergi dating. Hahahah...luckily our bf (my new bf) stays at the same place..
Whenever you need me dear friend, I will try my very best to be there for you.


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