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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Ok, so now I'm listening to "Penantian" by Kertas. Jiwang mode ON even though belum mandi. Then I came across a quote on Tumblr. It goes like this...

It got me thinking...when did you find your first love? Often people claimed that their first love was during school's day or during teenage time (zaman remaja/muda mudi/darah muda/ pa-pa ja la). It was cute, it as innocent but is it really love? Or just an affection? How did it start? How did it end? (if it doesn't last)

It's quite interesting and probably funny if we push the "REWIND" and "PLAYBACK" button. Recall back to  the "First Love" era. And if you have that first love of yours in FB, that would be even awesome (to make the storyline even interesting). Then we'll realise how life goes by, how different we are compared to before. How our hotness level increase as time goes by. How awesome we become as we grow.

Truest love? How do you define it? I can't. because I can't find any words either in the Oxford Dictionary, Kamus Dewan or any Encyclopedia to describe it. You'll know when you found one. You'll know when you  your search for it is over. You'll know when you know. And the best of all, God is the first person to know even before you even find it.

I found mine =)

Picture credit to http://factsaboutyou.tumblr.com/

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  1. wow..nice post n agree with 'your 1st love is not always your truest love'..:D