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Friday, May 20, 2011


Holla blog. It's been a while isn't it. Lets get straight to the point. This entry is about my Final Year Project. I was supposed to blog about this entry last week but I was swamped with endless packing and enjoying sweet times with friends. So let the picture says it all.....

These are the equipments that I used to prepare silicon dioxide thin film and measure the resistivity. There is one equipment not in this picture by the way (the vacuum evaporator ; to deposit the silicon dioxide)

These 3 pictures above are my silicon dioxide thin film. The weekends and times I sacrificed to get it done in the lab, the failed attempt to produce excellent surface of the samples, the worries, the concern and the stress all paid off.

This is the report.

And...this is the best part, the best feeling when I went to collect my thesis from Rainbow.

I forgot to take pictures during the presentation. Sayang oh kan..

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