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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Is He The One?

It's a hot Tuesday afternoon. Taking a break from doing my FYP and just doing some blog walking. Then I remember a friend asked a very interesting question last night. Soalan cepucemas.

"How do you know you have found 'The One'?' or Mr. Right

Mengalahkan soalan final exam Quantum Mechanic jak soalan minah sorang tok eh.

I may be not the perfect person to answer this question since I'm not married yet..haha.. But then, I have found The One. This is my opinion. You might not be agree with me, but hey, we all have our own view right? So here it goes.

1. For me, it is not a love at first sight. It takes months to get to know him before we move to the next level. During that courting process your love developed slowly and keep growing and keep growing even when you have moved to another level.

2. He accepts you for who you are. No matter how dark is your past. How ugly you look when you wake up. How annoying you are when you complain over silly things. How monster-like you are when during "that particular day of the month". And he handles you at your very worst situation. The most important is, he's the one who will make you a better person. He will correct you when you are wrong. He will never judge when you make mistakes but together work things out.

3. He knows your family. You know his family. Even if one of you don't have a perfect family,have family issues but still,you accept each other.

4. You talk about future together. Every decision he will refer to you because he includes you in his future and vice versa. And both of you have determination to work things out to build a life together.

5. Your mind and heart travels at the same wavelength when you evaluate him. You will consider the future forecast if you are about to be together.Do you feel secure with him, do feel complete, do feel happy etc will be considered. If your mind and heart both agree, it is a sign.

6. Pray and keep your faith going if you really want to find one. He will come eventually. I did this. Even when I was with Mr.Ex, I didn't feel that he is the one. Deep down inside me still searching for someone who can guide me. So I did this, for years. And He answered me. Mr Right had been around me, just in front of my eyes all the while. And now, my search is over.

p/s: You will know when you found one. You'll just know it. God will show you the way if you knock on His door.


  1. Is it possible to connect with a person you have never met with before, and have him like, make you feel like he's the One? A person who's across the universe and yet you feel like he's right there? Hmm... Is he the one?

    Anyway, thanks dayung for visiting and following. You have a nice site here! Followed too!

  2. hi coffee girl. hmm..your question lingers in my head throughout dinner time. Is it possible? Why not? Anything is possible if you believe and have faith. It's just a matter of time. When he appear you'll know. The feeling can't be describe with words. Btw, i love your blog. Sarcasm is always a beautiful language for me. Cheers!