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Saturday, April 2, 2011

I'll grow old eventually

Time is running. How much I wish for it to crawl, it is still running. Time waits for no one. Unless you found Doraemon in your drawer and ask for that super magic remote to pause the time. If you found one, kindly please contact me ASAP.

As the time past by, days will pass by, weeks, months, years, decades and the list goes on and on. My hair will turn white. This face will NEVER turn white (hahaha). Wrinkles will appear and I will start to invest in wrinkle-free products. Happy are those company who produce those. Anlene will appear in my storage. Then Anlene gold. Vitamin E, Vitamin D, collagen, vitamin this, vitamin that will be my part time friend.

JLo,Pittbull,Justin Bieber,Eminem, Rebecca Black,Lagy Gaga,Charice will be the new OLDIES.

I'll find my old friends in coffee shop, restaurant, supermarket or wherever God want us to meet. Maybe with their wife, husband, with kids running around. Those guys with their beer belly and ladies with their-oh-i hope so-sexy slim figure(finger cross ladies!),driving super hot cars with thick wallet, LV handbag, Jimmy Choo stilettos. And maybe they'll invite me to their 16 bedrooms bungalow or I'll invite them to my 20 bedrooms mansion.(double finger cross)

Ok. Done. Need to get back to my FYP. Still need to do result and discussion.

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