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Thursday, March 10, 2011

A little relief

After 3 days of suffering, I just can't take it anymore. But I was not satisfied with the PK's doc treatment in the first place. Pegang-pegang perut ja, sik tekan-tekan pun. Adeh....Then she terus said urinary infection. Jumpa pun tak sampai 5 minit. Hmmmmm...no wonder my lecturer hates the doc over there. Doc 'tak cukup ilmu' he said.

So yesterday I went Taman U. Klinik Siti Fatimah. A private klinik. Dr Siti was very nice. She checked my blood pressure. My tongue. Ask my lie down. Then push my stomach as hard as she can and release. Did the same thing at other part of stomach. Oh baby baby...it hurts. Then she asked me to bed my knees then do the same thing again. Oh it hurts more...

She said my stomach was filled with air..lots of air and EXCESS ACID in the stomach. That's why when I eat I flush out everything. But very cair. Cirit. The excess acid makes it worst. She asked me to pantang makan. Alamak...I can't take solid food. Only allowed to eat porridge, bread and soft biscuit. For drinks, I was only allowed to drink warm water. Water. No MILO, coffee, tea and other beverages. MILO MILO MILO. How can I live without MILO. My world is doooooommmm!!!! She gave a few meds.

Today I'm feeling much better. No more urge to cirit. But still hurts a little. Can fart already. Hahahaa...

Oh btw, now I'm officially a heheheeehhee....
A good start for a day!

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