Just Me

Monday, March 7, 2011


The story begin like this. Last Saturday, as I was busy preparing myself for MJCC dinner, my precious body felt different. I knew that I'm about to get a fever. I didn't have enough rest since last week. Mentally and physically exhausted. I guess my antibody no longer can take all the burden. So I just keep filling my body with fluid the whole night through. The food was extremely delicious but I didn't have appetite to finish it. Arrrgghh..sayang eh. I was shivering. Pakai sexy-sexy, kena angin malam, bertambah-tambah lagi la.

As the dinner ended, went back to the room, immediately wipe the make-up and off to bed I go. Gosh, that was the worst sleep ever. MENGGIGIL KESEJUKAN but my body produce extremely high heat. Goreng telur pun boleh masak. The next morning, a little bit relief but still ada saki-baki demam. BUT, my stomach is in pain. So much pain. And so is my head. Mangkuk tandas pun boring balik-balik tengok muka aku. Tapi stomach pain ni lain sikit. I'm unable to stand for some time, even walking also is a torture. Ok, relax lagi, ingatkan cirit-birit biasa. Telan panadol, sambung tidur.

Then malam, makan pun no appetite. Everytime makan, sakit perut. Everytime gerak banyak sakit lagi. I think I went to toilet every hour last night. Perut pun makin slim. Advantage la juga kan. Tapi seksa eh. Confirm sik akan turun class the  next morning.

Wake up this morning, no more fever. But still stomach pain. Ah, cannot tahan. So off to Pusat Kesihatan. And walking is a torture. Tapi tahan-tahan. Ilek. Macho. Amik nombor, tunggu, jumpa Doc. Rupa-rupanya I have Urinary Infection. What is Urinary Infection? Tanyalah MR. GOOGLE. I was prescribe with antibiotics, painkillers, and that urinary alkaline sachet thingy. Hope this pain will end soon. I have performance this Saturday for Borneo Night.

Ok. This painkiller is start working. I'm sleepy. Off I go.