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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Those Were the Days

Hikayat Sang Kancil dan Buaya. I bet children nowadays never heard of this. Oh how I miss this kind of cartoon. A cartoon full of moral. A cartoon that instillS the good values in chidren.

My time there's no Barbie. Spongebob (i like spongebob though and i watch it too). No Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Playhouse Diskey and yang sewaktu dengannya.
There's only TV1, TV2 and TV3 and my TV schedule for cartoon is:
11am : Sesame street
2pm 4pm? : The short Hikayat Sang Kancil and friends. Period.

The rest of the day: I play outside. Get friendly with the nature. With age gap of 5 years between me and my older sister and 4 years with my little sister, I am a lone ranger. I used to stay in the village and there are not many houses in our area and there were no kids my age too. So, again, I'm a lone ranger. But I never feel boring and feel like my life is pathetic. Instead I always find new exciting things to and to play. Even by myself. I pluck flowers, leaves, cut them into pieces. Took a Milo tin that my mum left at the backyard, put water inside, took a metal vase stand,get ready with the dry leaves, dry sticks and start a little fire. Then..*poof*!..I'm a chef! Or a scientist in making. I play with my imagination. Call me a weirdo but it's fun!

Some other day, after the rain, I just walk around the backyard (luckily my house has a big compound) hunt for snails. I just watch they move. Kacau-kacau sikit. Curiosity much. Sometimes my older brother and sister do play with me. When it rains, we would play leaves boat race. Who cares about being wet. It's all about fun fun fun.

Kids nowadays? If possible, they would eat, sleep in front of the TV. Cartoon nowadays? Barbie and Ken? Hey, what's up with the kissing scene? The rest of the cartoon, what's up with the fighting scene? What is moral of the story? Maksud tersirat? Gosh, those little children can't peel of the 'oh-so'sweet' message that you want to deliver (if there is).

The 90's cartoon in NICKELODEON was nice. Hey Arnold! and Rugrats for instance. Full of family values. As the years past by, the situation changes. The only popular cartoon that I think as valuable as the past cartoon is Upin and Ipin.

Ok enough with the TV. How many of the children nowadays enjoy their childhood by playing outside. Explore their curiosity? And spend less than 3 hours in front of the TV?

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