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Monday, April 11, 2011

Don't read this

Who is testing who actually? Seriously. Come on. Hey politician, show your good example to your people. Hey media mass, stop try to make a big fuss over little problem. Sometimes, it is not even a problem to us. Oh wait, media=entertainment=$$$$$. Oh yeah, we all love drama right? Fine, go and instill hatred among ourselves. Instill prejudice between different race, religious. Go.

For those who rely on cheap lazy information, yeah, be angry, feel free to be offended. Yeah. Be lazy. Just read from someone's blog-who just copy paste from cheap newspaper with no integrity at all. Go read from wikipedia-where people are free to edit the info. Just read from the notes someone post on Facebook. Yeah be lazy and just swallow it. And be prepared. Fill your energy tonight for you will share those cheap-cheap (even 100% store won't even sell it) info to others. Oh what a noble deed you will do. Aawwwww~~~ so sweet~~~

Please stop all this. We all came from the same God. From the same soil. Our blood are red. We are no difference. It's like going to school. You and I might be in different school with different teacher. But then, the syllabus is still the same. All school, teachers teach GOOD VALUES. SAME VALUES. Its just the way they teach is different..

Yeah. As if they are reading this.

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