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Sunday, April 17, 2011

You, Love and Relationship

Hola. It has been a hectic week. With 3 tests in row, assignments to submit and FYP to be done. So, I decided just to laze around tonight and get a good rest. Tomorrow will start doing those lovely sweet assignments and FYP again.

So, apa barang mok merepek kat sitok? Absolutely not about politic. I actually don't give a damn bout that. But, it is kind of interesting to watch those political drama though. Some of them such a drama queen right? Or should I say drama king? But anyway, good luck and keep those promises you made. Cheers.

I want to share about a book that I'm currently reading. It a very very very nice book. Very very very suitable for young people who are in a relationship. It is such an eye opening book.


This book contains 100 questions on dating, relationship and sexual purity. I will just take some very interesting quote from this this book (malas kan mau tulis review panjang-panjang)

"The type of time a guy and a girl spend together determines how well they ground their relationship in reality. If they spend every waking hour tucked away in private gazing into one another eyes, they will never find out who they are. Spending time in service, with family, even playing sports will help to reveal who the other person is."

"The best husband and father will be a guy who is single-hearted for God. If you want a man of God, become a godly woman...."

"...principle of courtship: ask God's blessing in the beginning of a relationship; enter it with a direction,towards discerning marriage; involve families; be accountable to others; pace yourselves as you spend time together; and always listen to God's guidance."

"Don't let the relationship move too fast in its intimacy. The phrase "too hot too cool" has validity. Take it one step at a time....Don't call to often on the phone or give the other person an opportunity to get tired of you..."

"...relationship must be able to breathe. Do not be afraid to give each other some space, because relationship thrive best when there is freedom, respect and confidence. The less one exhibits these characteristics, the more likely he is to have difficulty in romantic endeavors."

"...many people see marriage as a finish line. They often arrived there exhausted, only to discover that the real work has only begun."

I'm in a relationship too. Yes, I admit there are times that we really want to give all out to our partner.I did make mistakes. Ever since he moved back to hometown, I always wonder why do we have to be apart? But now I come to a realization(betul ka ayat?) God has a plan. It would be nice and sweet if we keep those romance for our next level-of-you know what.

There are loads more. There 11 chapters in this book.
1. Chastity and the meaning of sex.
2. Dating and courtship
3. Preparing for marriage. (no, I'm not gonna get married soon)
4. How far is too far?
5. Pornography and Masturbation
6. Homosexuality
7. Contraception
8. Sexually Transmitted Disease
9. Purity Renewed
10. How to stay pure
11. Vocation

Oh, I said I've been so busy, when do I find time to read?
Simple, I read before I sleep. I spend 10-20 minutes to read before I sleep. It helps to put me to sleep. Perfect sleeping pill.

p/s Thank you to Deacon Adrian for allowing me to borrow this book.

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