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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Simple food for simple people #2

A cold fresh juice is a perfect treat at this time of day. Here's a simple recipe of fresh apple juice.

1. Walk to your fridge and get 2 red apples and peel the skin off. Yes, peel. You don't want that wax on the apple skin to be in your body system.
2. Cut the apples into cubes so that it will be easier for Ms Blender to do her work.
3. Put the apple cubes into the blender together with one and a half spoon of castor sugar (gula halus). If you don't have one, just put one spoon of sugar. Add drinking water (2 glass approximately)
4. Brrrrr Grrrrr (blend blend blend)
5. Squezze a lemon (just a little for the "umph") or you may use orange.
6. Brrr Grrrr again.
7. Tadaaa! Apple juice satu siap!!

Best served with ice. I'm thinking of adding yogurt and fresh milk. I bet it will taste good isn't it?

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