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Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Love

Happy Friday lovessss!!! It's almost the end of the week and Gawai mood is in!! Lagu-lagu Gawai sudah mula berkumandang di ceruk-ceruk supermarket, tidak kurang juga kedai-kedai CD cetak rompak dan yang tidak rompak turut sama berganding bahu memutarkan lagu-lagu mejeng gawai tersebut.

FYI, I'm writing this post during my lunch break. Am skipping lunch today since I've had Chicken Muffin + Coffee at 1030am. Talk about guilty pleasure. o_0""

 No, it's not about being scared of getting fat. It's about taking care of my health. I have a family history of high blood from both side of my parents. My grandmotherS, father, mother and my older sister. It's about time to really watch what I eat from now on. Especially since I'm not married and with kids yet. So I don't want to risk that.

Starting next week, I will start to jog after work. The park is just nearby the office and it is a perfect activity to avoid getting stuck in traffic jam. Fuel save!!!

If you can spent money on food pleasure, why not spent 15/30 minutes of improving your health? It is FOC! And you'll feel confidence with yourself at the end of the day.

That's all for today! Have a great weekend loves!!

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