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Monday, July 9, 2012

Hello Monday. It's a windy and cold Monday in Kuching. For those who expect a clear and sunny day, come on, give it a break, we have been in a Kuching oven for a week. Thank God for cold weather.

 So last evening, as I was scrolling down the FB homepage, I came across a quite pathetic and disturbed (for me) status. It was some thing like this; the person told the friends not to contact her by any means; SMS, chat, or call, as the bf doesn't approve the person to keep in touch with her friends. Oookk..

 I'm not a relationship expert, but when I think about it and put myself in the person's shoe, I can't live in that kind of relationship. My friends are my treasure. Yes, bf might come first before friends at certain stage, but before bf came into the picture, friends are the one who keep your feet on the ground, be with you no matter whatever situation you have to face. AND friends are usually the one we turn to for advise before we pursue in any relationship.

 I was wondering if at this stage the bf doesn't allow the person to do so, what more to say after they enter married life? Worst case, he will asked the person to resign, stay at home and don't leave the house. I hope not so. Otherwise the person have to install a metal steel heart. I hope she will come to her senses before its too late.

This world is full of weird people.

"Cinta itu buta, sebab itu orang meraba-raba" ;P

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