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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dilly's Dilemma

Listening to Dilly's Daily Dilemma on Mix.fm is a daily routine driving to work. It is indeed an interesting radio show. This morning's dilemma was the most heartbreaking story so far.

A lady was married to her husband for several years with a son. However, their son has Down Syndrome. Since the birth of their son, her husband was ashamed and unwilling to travel the path together with her wife. So he left. He left.

Even JD was outraged and stated that the man was not a real man. A real man won't leave his family regardless any challenged and condition their son would have. What's the point of saying "FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE" when you don't mean it? There a few caller suggested what to do, motivation and hope for the lady.

I hope she will be strong and keep her faith up high through the journey. There's always blessing in disguise for everyone. My prayer and hope for her and her son. As for the husband, God knows what to do to him. Leave everything to God. We are all in His good hands.


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