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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

RWMF 2012

Adalah satu kewajipan untuk menggempakkan berita gembira. RWMF 2012!!

It was my first time going as for the past years I was studying in JB and didn't get a chance to experience the festival. July was indeed a blessing month as my RWMF trip was FOC (except for the food and car fuel). We went on the last day which was on Sunday, 15 July, 2012. Ditaja sepenuhnya oleh Borneo Post kerana saya dan kekasih telah memenangi tiket ke festival itu.

 As most of people have to park in Santubong and took a shuttle bus that cost RM5 one way, we didn't have to. Terima kasih lagi kepada Salcra kerana mengadakan meeting di Damai Puri keesokan harinya, maka kami dibenarkan parking di DP dan berjalan kaki sahaja ke festival tersebut.

 The festival was indeed a blast, and my favourite part was the workshop at Dewan Lagenda and of course the concert later in the evening.

By God's will, I would love to attend it again next year. "Finger cross for free tickets again!"

Photos will be uploaded in FB.


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