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Sunday, February 13, 2011


It is 13th February 2011 today. Tomorrow is 14th February. February the 14th.
                                                VALENTINE'S DAY.
The day where all lovers (well, almost all) will crash their brain out to think what to buy, what to do, where to eat, what to wear, to please their partner and celebrate V-day. The girlfriends ambil kesempatan untuk bermanja-manja, demand lebih sikit, level mengada-ngada increase. The boyfriends pula menjadi extraordinary romantic (untuk yang tak berapa nak romantic), sweet (untuk yang tak berapa nak sweet), ringan wallet ( murah hati beli bunga, hadiah, dinner treat untuk yang agak kedekut). So, no wonder V-day is the day that most of love birds have been waiting for.

For the V-day controversy that revolves around this few days, here's a little piece of my mind.

  • It is a day for love celebration for your loved one. Your parents, your friends, your partner, your siblings, your friends and even yourself. Tapi orang selalu lupa yang lain, asyik-asyik boyfriend(s), asyk-asyik girlfriend(s). Mengada eh. 
  • If you want to celebrate it, do it the right way. Don't destroy the purity and the beauty of love. 
  • For those who think that it is against your religion and wish to teach your people, do research, teach them in the right way, be clear with what ever information that you ought to deliver. Do it with sincerity to teach, not to blame and not a single prejudice towards any other religion. Otherwise you will create a havoc in the country. Orang Malaysia ni sensitif orangnya. Hati selembut bread Gardenia.
  • For me, love should be celebrated every day. Not only on this particular day. Tapi if on V-day is extraordinary special can also la. By celebrate I mean not with gifts, flowers, or any material stuff (walaupun perempuan memang suka benda-benda ni sebenarnya..haha) but by giving attention, care etc. Even little things means so much to your partner. Remember that. Open your eyes, appreciate every little things your partner does to you. Even the moment when he/she smile for 5 seconds at you. 
  •  Jangan time mengorat jak bersungguh nak mampus tapi bila dah dapat, diabai-abaikan. Kena tinggal baru padan muka. 

Oh, by the way, I never celebrate V-day with my bf. Cause we're away from each other. Also never with the ex-bf for the same reason. But I don't mind. I have my friends around. You know who you are. Thank you GIFTers. Look forward to attend Sister's night tonight!!

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