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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Mama

This post is suppose to be written on 17 February. But I didn't managed to find a quite peace time to sit down and blogging. But now, it's Saturday afternoon and I just finished TECS, sitting on the bed and start blogging. Here a blog I specially dedicate to the most amazing woman on earth, my dear mama. 
Cherished Mother

Every day since I was born,
My mother cared for me.
Now that’s a lot of caring,
As anyone can see.

Please, Lord, protect my mother,
And keep her safe from harm,
For she is a cherished person,
With great wisdom, love and charm.

Lord, it’s my mother’s birthday
So please, help her to see
How much she means to us,
Her loving family.

By Karl Fuchs

I'm not a perfect daughter. I put on my long face when I disagree with you. (bila kena suruh itu ini..hahah). I did disappoint you sometimes. My journey might not be as smooth as you expected and as I expected. But I promise you, I'm doing my very best to make you proud, to make you happy cause your happiness means the world to me. I'm in the process of rearranging and constructing my life now. Have faith in me. 

And I never thank you enough for all the love, care and sacrifices that you have given us. THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU.
Happy birthday Mama